A busy start to 2017

  • Posted on: 3 March 2017

The Team are working hard in preparation for 2017 .

We have enjoyed a number of successful training days over the winter during which the crews have been rehearsing and familiarising themselves with formation practices

At the same time, the groundcrews and technicians have been labouring to prepare the 2 new airframes for the season, these new aircraft which include our Op Granby Gazelle are awaiting CAA inspections to secure their permit to fly certification.

The website has been updated and the new online shopping facility is now live.

Our 2 ship display crews are to be assessed by the CAA in early March and we remain hopeful that this can be increased to a 3-4 ship throughout the coming months, but we are very mindful that this hinges on the CAA and their schedule for inspecting the new airframes.

We have a further training day scheduled for March 25th which will involve members of staff from Airbox one of our sponsors and also Michael Clegg a journalist from Airfix Hornby, we're confident that our guests will have a wonderful day.

The recent AAIB report on the Shoreham air crash will undoubtedly impact upon the Airshow circuit throughout the UK and we have a couple of Squadron members attending the British Air Display Association, (BADA) conference in late March to hear at first hand how the show scene will be affected.

It's all happening at The Gazelle Squadron.