Gazelle Squadron Display Team

Spring 2022


We've fixed some Spring dates for our 2022 season training weekends and we remain optimistic, as we have in recent years that we can finally deliver our 4 ship display.  We have the airframes and we have the crews, so all we need now are the shows and perhaps a little more rehearsing! After all, practice makes perfect!

Following another successful mutual practice session at Pembrey last  Autumn our relationship with Team Raven has blossomed and both teams are optimistic that we can officially link up in 2022 to deliver a unique spectacular to the UK airshow circuit. 

There's been a subtle change in direction for us this year as we have elected to prioritise the delivery of aerial displays over static displays and that's where our primary focus will be throughout 2022. 

Naturally we will still be available for some static events, but being prevented from delivering our trademark static displays due to the perpetual lock-downs and restrictions of recent years has nudged us into a slightly different, but incredibly exciting direction

So here's to 2022!


Pembrey Training weekend 2021


You can take your pick of superlatives to describe our recent training weekend in Pembrey, but outstanding is probably the most accurate.

This was a weekend of solid progress in our ambition to field a four ship display in 2022, we enjoyed combined display training with Team Raven, solo training, mountain flying and to top it all -  a seven ship formation of Gazelles, all in glorious Welsh sunshine. Then of course there was the team meal afterwards! 

After 2 years of Covid restrictions we thoroughly enjoyed this!


Word quickly spread that we were in Pembrey and there are some superb videos and images circulating on social media courtesy of the throng of aviation enthusiasts that gathered there, choosing one to best illustrate the weekend's events is nigh on impossible. 

Dafydd Philips has posted a fabulous video on Youtube of our training sessions, as have our friends at Aviation in Action. Click here.

The sights sounds and smells of The Gazelle Squadron's Training weekend - Pembrey 2021 will certainly not be forgotten in a hurry.

Pembrey 2021

4th - 5th August 2021

The team have arrived safely at Pembrey, slept soundly and are now ready for a weekend's intensive flying training.
There will be a lot of aircraft movements and activity at Pembrey airfield as the day has blessed us with fine weather, we would however like to remind the public that the Squadron is undergoing a weekend of intensive flying training along with Team Raven and not performing a flying display as is being suggested on some social media outlets.


Summer 2021


Shuttleworth Military Airshow was a long overdue breath of fresh air for us and the many other display aircraft that graced the skies – superbly organised and a joy for all who attended. Our pairs display, in challenging conditions was well received.

Ian Stewart Aviation has uploaded a video of the display to Youtube. Click here. 

Sadly that may amount to the sum total of our public displays this year, which is one more than last year! The good news is that we are working hard towards a considerably improved display for 2022 and are hopeful of being able to display with 4 aircraft. We're continuing to work alongside and rehearse with Team Raven and we have another joint training weekend planned with them for later in the year.

2022 will see a shift in focus for us as our priority moves towards aerial performances with less emphasis on static displays. We have (winter project) plans to build a trailer mounted static display and retain the ability to attend static events.

Next weekend we are refreshing our mandatory training, this includes First Aid, Health and Safety and aircraft handling – but one thing is for sure we are champing at the bit to see the 2022 season develop and we will do everything we can to make up for lost time.