Andy Usher - Pilot

27 years in Royal Marines; started as a Marine in 1981 and ended as a Captain RM in 2008.
Served on Operations in Falklands War, both Gulf Wars, twice in  Afghanistan and 3 tours of Northern Ireland!

Now a Commercial Pilot flying the AW139 in the SAR role and instructing on the Sea King for HeliOperations UK Ltd as their Chief Pilot.

Has flown the Chipmunk, Gazelle, Squirrel, Lynx Mk7, Sea King 5 & 6, EC155, AW139 & Bell 439.

Have also flown Mi24 Hind, Mi17 Hip, Bell 412 Scout, Alouette and Spitfire Mk5!

Favourite aircraft flown…..the Gazelle…, not really got to be the Spitfire!

7000+ Flying hours