Gazelle Squadron Display Team

Andy Usher - Pilot

27 years in Royal Marines; started as a Marine in 1981 and ended as a Captain RM in 2008.
Served on Operations in Falklands War, both Gulf Wars, twice in  Afghanistan and 3 tours of Northern Ireland!

Now Commercial Pilot in Corporate/VIP sector - ‘rich man’s taxi driver’!

Rated on Chipmunk, Gazelle, Squirrel, Lynx Mk7, Sea King 5 & 6, EC155, AW139 & Bell 439.

Have also flown Mi24 Hind, Mi17 Hip, Bell 412 and Spitfire Mk9!

Favourite aircraft flown…..the Gazelle…, not really got to be the Spitfire!

7000+ Flying hours