G-ATRK | Cessna F150F

  • Aircraft type: Cessna F150F
  • Construction number: 150-63381
  • Military serial: n/a
  • Civilian registration: G-ATRK

The Cessna 150 is a two-seat tricycle gear general aviation aircraft, designed for flight training, touring and personal use, and with 23,839 aircraft produced, it is the world's fifth most produced aircraft.

The 1966 model Cessna 150, the 150F saw great changes to the 150 design. The tailfin was swept back 35 degrees to match the styling of the Cessna 172 and other models. The cabin doors were made 23% wider, new brakes were brought in and larger tyres were made standard. The previously manual flaps were now electrically actuated through a panel-mounted flap switch. The old electric stall warning system was replaced with a pneumatic-type. The baggage compartment was enlarged by 50%. A total of 3087 of the newly styled "F" models were produced, including 67 in France.

G-ATRK was built by Reims Aviation Industries in Reims, France, as a Reims F.150F. It was purchased in 2008 for the Gazelle Squadron, and is expected to be repainted in to the team's colours in 2016.