ZB627 | Westland Gazelle HT.3 | Ginger

  • Aircraft type: Westland SA.341D Gazelle HT.3
  • Construction number: 1914
  • Military serial: ZB627
  • Civilian registration: G-CBSK
  • Name: Ginger

Ginger was procured as an RAF training aircraft with the military serial ZB627. Flying for the first time on 18 May 1982, Ginger was delivered to the Royal Air Force on 13 July of the same year, and served primarily with 2FTS at RAF Shawbury, the RAF’s rotary training establishment in Shropshire. He also served with 7 Squadron based at RAF Odiham in Hampshire, used for night vision reconnaissance sorties, painted in an olive drab colourscheme - the only Gazelle to wear such a scheme.

He was flown back to RAF Shawbury on 17 September 1997, though not for continued service but for storage and onward sale to a military or civilian customer. Ginger was purchased by London Helicopter Centres Ltd at Redhill in Surrey and registered as G-CBSK on 6 June 2002. He was then sold to Knoland Aviation Ltd, before finally being purchased by Falcon Aviation at Bourne Park and registered to them on 2 November 2011. London Helicopter Centres repainted Ginger back in to his 2FTS colourscheme, in which he has remained throughout his civilian life.

Ginger is operated by the Gazelle Squadron Display Team and is one of the primary flying display aircraft for the 2017 airshow season.

ZB627, registered as G-CBSK with the Gazelle Squadron Display Team.

ZB627 enjoying clear skies.

ZB627 on a formation approach into Kemble march 2017.