November update

  • Posted on: 1 November 2018

Well that's pretty much it for 2018, we've recently ticked off Brize Norton and Cranwell and held a few events whereby interested parties have been able to explore Bourne Park – our base.

So, as the autumnal cloak descends over the UK we will gradually retreat into the hangar and join our engineers to help try and get even more Gazelles on to the show circuit for 2019.

We'll also be incorporating a FLARM traffic awareness system into each of our Gazelles as it integrates seamlessy with the ever capable Airbox RunwayHD Navigation system that all of our pilots use. FLARM when incorporated with RunwayHD adds another dimension to our pilots' situational awareness and another layer of safety in the Flight Safety Arena.

The success of the Squadron has generated a huge interest in the aircraft and Falcon Aviation, our primary sponsors, continue to deliver despite being overwhelmed with work.

Getting XZ 321 our Desert Storm aircraft back into the air is, understandably a high priority for next season, we're also very keen to adjust and improve our flying display routine. There will of course be training days throughout the coming winter, but the pace will certainly be slower - thankfully!

The image is of the Westland Wasp over Rutland Water who joined us on the return journey back from Cranwell. You can see more of our event images here. Or use the Events button in the main menu.