Gazelle Squadron Display Team


Shuttleworth Military Airshow was a long overdue breath of fresh air for us and the many other display aircraft that graced the skies – superbly organised and a joy for all who attended. Our pairs display, in challenging conditions was well received.

Ian Stewart Aviation has uploaded a video of the display to Youtube. Click here. 

Sadly that may amount to the sum total of our public displays this year, which is one more than last year! The good news is that we are working hard towards a considerably improved display for 2022 and are hopeful of being able to display with 4 aircraft. We're continuing to work alongside and rehearse with Team Raven and we have another joint training weekend planned with them for later in the year.

2022 will see a shift in focus for us as our priority moves towards aerial performances with less emphasis on static displays. We have (winter project) plans to build a trailer mounted static display and retain the ability to attend static events.

Next weekend we are refreshing our mandatory training, this includes First Aid, Health and Safety and aircraft handling – but one thing is for sure we are champing at the bit to see the 2022 season develop and we will do everything we can to make up for lost time.